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Ethiopia is one among the five independent countries located in the horn of Africa. The country is divided into 9 regions and Afar is one of these regions. “Samara” is the regional capital city of this state. The estimated population size of this state is around 1.5 million people. The Afar National Regional state is known for its unique tourist attraction areas some of which are globally recognized such as Erta-Ale (one of the active volcano in the earth), Lucy (the oldest fossil-origin of human being), Dallol Depression and many others.

Samara University established by Ministry of Education, as one of the public university in 2007 GC. Since the establishment, Samara University is achieving mile stone every day to accomplish its vision and mission. Samara University is specifically situated at “Samara” town, the regional capital of the Afar National Regional State, north east Ethiopia. Samara University is handling three important mandates explicitly teaching and learningresearch and community services and technology transfer.

University campus on the land of LUCY (the oldest Human Fossil) has seven colleges and one school of various with 40 departments catering various disciplines. University imparts quality undergraduate and post graduate education in almost all disciplines of science, arts and technologies. Presently, university accommodates more than Seven thousand students from across the country and neighbouring African countries. University is utilizing the services of highly qualified and talented local and expatriate teaching staff to run the academic programs and prepare the students competent globally. The academics is strengthened by smart class rooms and latest library and laboratory facilities.

Samara University is endowing research, community services and technology transfers. The research priorities had been in line with the strategic plan to transform research at Samara University. The priority and thematic areas of different colleges feed university’s goals and objectives to benefit pastoral community living in this Regional state. Research projects funded locally and by external sources. Harvesting natural resources address and resolve the pastoral and agro-pastoral core issues supported by publications, regular national and international conferences, seminars, symposium and workshops and is the major research activity of the university. The outstanding achievements and technologies thus developed by the university and taken to the door steps of pastoralist community is one among the significant contributions of the university.

Objectives of DIJBAR

Daagu International Journal of Basic and Applied Research (DIJBAR) is a platform to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching and research in all disciplines. 

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To maintain the quality,reputability and sustainaibility of the journal.

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