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Daagu International Journal of Basic and Applied Research (DIJBAR) is following the standard publication process from submission to till Publication of article. The ideal time scheduled for publicaiton is approximately 45 working days. We are following the strict review process to maintain the quality and reputability of journal. We are publishing the articles both online as well as printed format. The time duration given is for online publicaiton process but printed volume will be available in July and next year January of each publishing individual years. The online version of article will be available after the acceptance of article and submission of final article and copyright transfer. This time duration may be vary due to the availability of the reviewers. In case of such delay, authors are advised to please cope with us.

Click on the link to view the flow of complete publication process: Publication Process

Steps in Publication Process

Step-1: Submission of Article

Step-2: Assignment of PaperID and acknowledgment to corresponding author.

Step-3: On Desk Review 

             If Rejected goto step-19

             If preliminary accepted goto step-4

Step-4: Assignment of responsible Editor for article

Step-5: Assignment of Reviewers

Step-6: Reception of comments and recommendation

Step-7: Decision of Editorial Board

Step-8: Accept/Reject/Accept with modification

               If Rejected goto Step-19

               If Accepted goto Step-14

               If Accepted with modification goto Step-9

Step-9:  Sending of reviewer's comments to corresponding author.

Step-10: Reception of updated article

Step-10: Editorial board checking

Step-11: Comments updated/notupdated in article

               If updated goto Step-14

               If not updated goto Step-12

Step-12: Resend for partial correction goto step-9

Step-13: Article recieved with updated comment

Step-14: Send acceptance letter.

Step-15: UserId and password will be sent to corresponding author.

Step-16: Upload Final article as per format of DIJBAR, Copyright transfer form with conflict of interest form (if any)

Step-17: Final proof reading check and processing the article for publication

Step-18: Article Published 

Step-19: End